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Finding Direction

Mar 31, 2020

Action After Items

Get Selfish

  1. Visualize
  2. Know your needs, wants and dreams. 

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Mar 24, 2020

Samantha Sagot is first & foremost an entrepreneur with a background as a doctor (who never actually practiced a day of medicine...we'll get more into that later). She became an entrepreneur at the age of 23 & has never looked back as she now helps mentor thousands all over the world.

On this episode we talk about if...

Mar 17, 2020

Hey everyone, this week were going to be focusing in on the current situation in the world and what we can do about it. The corona virus may be spreading and while people and the news continue to spread negativity around it, we must do our part to help others keep their sanity. This week I'm going to talk about 5 things...

Mar 3, 2020

This episode I talk about how to develop the fundamental people skills that will help you build the life you desire and bring more joy into your life. Bringing you a short and content packed episode!