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Finding Direction

Sep 29, 2022

Action After Items

5 Ways To Start Understanding Your Psychology

  1. Start reading the old books.
  2. Start listening to the OGs in personal development on YouTube in the next 24-48 hours.
  3. Enroll in some weekend-long seminar.
  4. Invest in yourself.
  5. Read a book for 20 minutes every day.


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Get your...

Sep 27, 2022

Stephen Hilgart is an international speaker, entrepreneur, and business coach.


In this episode, we talk about:

  • How Stephen went from being homeless to building multiple 7-figure businesses.
  • 2 questions that can help you figure out what’s next for you in your life.
  • The power of traveling when it comes to...

Sep 26, 2022

3 Ways to Attract a Life You Love & 1 Thing You NEED to Stop Doing

  1. Incorporate 5 affirmations in your life and write them & say them out loud every morning.
  2. Create a vision board.
  3. Practice feeling good.
  4. Stop focusing on what you don’t have.


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Sep 22, 2022

Action After Items

Start Making the Dreams Inside of You Real NOW

  1. Ask yourself what is one dream that you have inside of you?
  2. Ask yourself where have you been waiting for things to be “perfect”?
  3. Take one imperfect action that requires you to share your work with the world in the next 24 hours.


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Sep 20, 2022

Shannon Evans is an abstract painter.


In this episode, we talk about:

  • How Shannon made the transition into a full-time artist
  • The importance of reconnecting with your younger self
  • Owning the dream that has been sitting inside of you